Stock Controller

Adoma Supermarket Accra, Ablekuma Central Municipal Greater Accra Wholesale and Retail Trade Hybrid
Posted 1 month ago
Job Description

Job Description/Requirements Responsibilities Monitor and maintain accurate inventory records using electronic inventory management systems. Conduct regular stock counts and reconcile inventory discrepancies. Analyze inventory levels and usage patterns to optimize stock levels and avoid shortages or overstock situations. Coordinate the receipt, storage, and dispatch of pharmaceutical products. Ensure proper handling and storage of products according to regulatory requirements and company procedures. Implement measures to prevent stock damage, theft, or unauthorized access. Process purchase orders and coordinate with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of stock. Perform regular quality checks on incoming stock to ensure compliance with quality standards. Investigate and address any quality issues or discrepancies identified during the receiving process. Maintain accurate documentation related to stock movements, transactions, and inventory adjustments. Generate reports on inventory levels, stock movements, and related KPIs for management review.


Qualifications: HND or Bachelor's degree in purchasing and supply, Supply chain management or logistics. 1-3 years’ experience in inventory management, preferably in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry. Strong understanding of inventory control principles and best practices. Proficiency in using inventory management software and MS Office applications. Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. Attention to detail and accuracy in record-keeping. Effective communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.